A Meaningful Proposal Spot!

Jaclyn and Chris have one of my favorite proposal stories by far! They both live along a paved walking and biking trail, but at opposite ends. Frequently throughout their dating life, they would depart from their houses to walk or bike the trail and meet in the middle at Plum Point Park. They'd sit under the most lovely tree by the water to talk, read, and just be together.

One day when they arrived at the park, another couple was sitting under "their tree", so Jaclyn set up their blanket and things at a different area in the park. Chris wasn't having it. He kept getting up to look over a row of shrubs to see if their tree had been vacated. Jaclyn couldn't understand why he was so bothered by sitting in a different place, after all, it wasn't actually THEIR tree, and they had often settled in other places in the park when that space wasn't available.

Eventually the other couple left and Chris urged Jaclyn to move to their tree. Jaclyn lovingly rolled her eyes and began to move their set up across the park. When they finally got settled in, it all made sense. Chris pulled out an engagement ring and a friend popped out from a nearby hiding place to photograph him popping the question! When I heard this story I was even more excited to be doing their engagement photos at that very same spot.

Engagement Photos at Plum Point Park, Norfolk, VA

As we walked down the trail from a nearby parking lot to Plum Point Park, I was able to get to know Jaclyn and Chris a bit more, which was fantastic since our original chat was virtual and I kept having internet issues! I love having a short walk to get to a session location because it can really help everyone shake out the nerves that often come with being in front of the camera for the first time. Jaclyn shared that they brought books along so they could have a few photos of their favorite pastime in their favorite place, and I loved the thoughtfulness and creativity of that!

Despite the fact that neither of them had ever had pictures taken where a whole session was focused on them, they absolutely crushed their session! From having a private first dance (they won't be doing any dancing at their micro-wedding) to playing on a super unique playground to chasing the best sunset spots, we had a fantastic time and they are much more comfortable and confident in front of the camera! I'm so looking forward to their wedding later this fall and being able to capture more of their tender romance and sweet personalities!