Bright, elegant photos that capture the essence of your love

Jessie and Phil are the kind of people who immediately make everyone around them feel comfortable and they'll most likely have you laughing in the first five minutes of conversation with them. Life kept them in close proximity to one another for many years without actually bringing them together. They ran in the same social circles, attended the same events, and even showed up in the background of each other's photos on occasion! When the universe finally brought Jessie and Phil together, they immediately connected, and when they decided to commit to each other, they knew it meant forever. They love the simple things in life like cooking, being outdoors, their adorable pets, quality time, and learning together. When I met Jessie and Phil for coffee, we talked for over an hour about everything from their wedding day to wine to yoga, and obviously a little bit about photography! Jessie and Phil were excited to book with me and have bright, elegant photos that capture all the essence of their love.

An incredible engagement session experience

When we met for Jessie and Phil's engagement photos at Backyard Wildflower Patch in Chesapeake, VA, I was SOOOOO nervous. Or maybe I was excited? Honestly it is difficult to tell the difference sometimes! After our amazing coffee date connection, I wanted everything to be perfect for their wildflower engagement photos! I quickly discovered that I had been nervous for no reason at all - Jessie and Phil's love is so sweet and passionate that getting photos of candid moments where they were authentically themselves was easier than ever. I barely had to lift a finger to get natural smiles, laughter, tender kisses, and heartfelt emotion out of these two! Congratulations to the future Mr. and Mrs. Giardina!