A Detail-Oriented Bride

When I met Tiffini and Zach for their coffee date, I was a bundle of nerves! Tiffini had submitted the contact form on my website and said so many sweet things about why she loved my work and wanted to meet for coffee. She also mentioned that she had completely finished planning her February 2024 wedding aside from finding the right photographer to bring her elegant photos that are bright, light, and colorful. She was clearly detail-oriented, organized, and knew exactly what she wanted for her wedding day, and I was hoping I would be the person to bring her wedding photography dreams to life.

Luckily I don't often let my nerves get in the way of a coffee date! Tiffini and Zach sat down at the table and from there everything just flowed so naturally. We talked about Zach's military experience, Tiffini's super cool surgical job (I won't get into the details here, but the work she does is amazing and so valuable), their kiddos, and of course their wedding.

When Tiffini asked to book on-the-spot, I knew I had met the most organized and detail-oriented bride in the world because she immediately gave me the dinner options for the wedding and asked what my second shooter and I would want for dinner!

Engagement Photos at Cape Henry Lighthouse in Virginia Beach, VA

Tiffini and Zach were so intentional about their engagement session that they planned it to happen on their dating anniversary! They made a whole date night out of the experience and I absolutely loved that they took that approach. In fact, I encourage it when we coordinate your engagement session! Taking photos with your partner is such a fun and unique experience that it is one of the best date night ideas - putting your session on that same date-night pedestal sets the experience apart and it can help you enjoy the session even more because you know how special it is.

It was incredibly overcast that day, but we didn't let that stop us from getting some gorgeous engagement photos at the Cape Henry Lighthouses on Fort Story! Just because you're not getting an intense and colorful sunset doesn't mean you can't have bright, light, colorful photos that show off your love! From dancing on the sand to splashing in the surf, Tiffni and Zach couldn't have kept the smiles off their faces if they tried. They are so kind, loving, fun, and creative (shout-out to Tiffini for the idea to let me put her engagement ring on some random beach plants) and I hope they have a life full of so much happiness and joy!