The Most Romantic First Date

Every time Chloe and Douglas share the story of their first date they have to throw out a caveat - they didn't just hop on a plane with a stranger. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense until you learn that their first date was in Greece! As college students, they both went on a study abroad trip. Prior to the trip they hadn't connected beyond their general friend group, but that all changed in the Grecian air! They had dinner at a little restaurant on the water then walked to a nearby bakery to get baklava for dessert. They ate their baklava on the beach, looked up at the stars, and talked for hours. The rest was history!

Exactly 5 years after their first date, they brought the memory back by getting dinner at a Greek restaurant - Chloe even wore the dress from their first date again. She was SURE he was going to propose - who wouldn't?! A special day, taking them back to a special memory...but no question was popped that night.

The next day they went to Colonial Williamsburg for a little history tour and a picnic. Douglas knew Chloe was expecting a proposal the night before and he wanted her to be genuinely surprised, so he waited until the middle of their picnic to ask if Chloe would spend the rest of her life with him. Douglas was so intentional about proposing at this spot that Chloe's mom and sister were there in disguise to capture some photos of the big moment! After their picnic they celebrated with a carriage ride around Colonial Williamsburg - in the same carriage Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip rode in when they visited Colonial Williamsburg!

Winter Engagement Photos - to freeze or not to freeze?

Chloe and Douglas both live in the D.C. area, so finding a time and location for their engagement photos proved to be a bit challenging with the travel, holidays, and sick season, but we made it work! They had to be in Virginia Beach for several wedding things a couple weeks ago (dress fitting, venue meeting, you know, all the fun stuff) so we carved out some time for their engagement session at Fort Story Beach! I was originally a little worried about how cold it would be. Fort Story Beach is notoriously breezy, which is great for hot summer days, but a cause for concern when the temps are close to freezing.

Luckily, we had a warm spell that weekend and we didn't even need our jackets! I'm pretty sure I started sweating at some point. It was even warm enough that we were able to see a pod of dolphins playing and swimming just off shore! We spent at least 20 minutes of our session just staring in awe as the dolphins swam, sprayed, and jumped out of the water!

As we were taking photos, Chloe commented that most of her favorite photos of herself were taken on a beach, so it was fitting that we did their session on the beach. There's something about the sand between your toes and the sound of the waves that just feels right to me, so I really connected with Chloe on this one. It was such a perfectly romantic spot for their photos from the dolphins to the sunset and everything in between.

Candid, Fun Photos that show off your love

When I first chatted with Chloe and Douglas, it was a top priority for them to have photos that were fun, candid, natural, and showed off their true personalities. They wanted to avoid forced poses that felt uncomfortable and just wanted to enjoy the experience of being together while having their pictures taken. I told them that they came to the right person. For me, engagement photos, wedding photos, any photos really, should show the real you. Having fun. Being playful. Sharing an intimate moment. Whatever fits you and your relationship!

Chloe and Douglas were able to be themselves by drawing in the sand, climbing on rocks, running from waves, and even touching a stray jellyfish that washed up on shore. After their session, Chloe and Douglas not only loved their photos, but they loved their EXPERIENCE being photographed. That is my top priority when you're in front of my camera, and I love knowing that I was able to make this happen for Chloe and Douglas!

I look forward to doing it again for them this spring when they have their wedding in Virginia Beach!

Best wishes to the future Mr. and Mrs. Bossart!