I met Amber when I went to register Jude for daycare in March of 2021. As I sat in the lobby filling out paperwork, nervous as can be about not having Jude at home with me at all times, she chatted with me about how both of her kids attended there and how much they all loved the school. It helped ease my mind and made it a bit easier to commit to this big life change.

When I brought Jude back in August for his first day of school, I was an actual disaster. I felt so much guilt about sending him to school when I was going to be home anyway, working on my business. Every morning at drop-off, Amber would chat with me and reminded me that focusing on myself and my business mattered, and that Jude was getting an amazing experience there. She loved seeing him come into school and he would always make an elephant noise when he saw her because she reacted so excitedly the first time he displayed his new skill in front of her.

As I got to know Amber more, she shared with me that she was expecting her third baby in April. They had some disappointing newborn photography experiences with their other kiddos, so she was really looking forward to having a bright, comfy newborn session in their home. In late March I went to her house to scope out the lighting and make sure I could deliver exactly what she was looking for from these photos. I expected to be there for 20-30 minutes max, but I ended up being there for almost 2 hours just chatting with her and her mom!

Newborn lies on bed while parents hug in background | Lifestyle newborn photos in Yorktown, VA

I really should've known better than to expect a quick visit. Amber and I had longer chats in the school lobby so expecting that while visiting her home was so silly of me! Talking to her and her mom about motherhood, pregnancy, and life in general was so easy and natural that I almost didn't realize how much time had passed.

Just a few short weeks later, little Abigail Lucille made her grand entrance into the world! Amber reached out to get those photos scheduled and it just happened to work out that we were both free on the birthday of Amber's grandmother, which is where Abigail's middle name came from. Sometimes the universe just aligns!

This family session was an absolute dream. Amber and Andre are the cutest couple and don't even get me started on their older kids! Liam and Rowena are absolutely obsessed with their little sister and they couldn't wait to hold her and kiss her in their photos. As I was getting ready to leave, Rowena just hugged me for 5 minutes straight and it was so sweet!

When I delivered the gallery to Amber, I was so nervous-excited. I had put really high expectations on myself to make these the best newborn photos for her. I couldn't stop smiling when she texted me upon seeing the gallery to say that she was "over the moon" about them and she couldn't wait to have them printed and hung up in their home. Here are a few of my personal favorites from the session!

Mom snuggles close with newborn baby | Lifestyle newborn photos in Yorktown, VA
Family members look at newborn baby | Lifestyle newborn photos in Yorktown, VA
Portrait image of family looking at newborn baby | Lifestyle newborn photos in Yorktown, VA
Older siblings lie next to newborn sister | Lifestyle newborn photos in Yorktown, VA
Dad helps boy hold baby sister | Lifestyle newborn photos in Yorktown, VA
Little girl holds newborn sister | Lifestyle newborn photos in Yorktown, VA