When Lacey and her family moved to Virginia, she posted in the local military spouse group asking if anyone had a small business she could highlight in her newsletter for her clients. As I had just started KCM and was searching for opportunities to share my business with the community, I jumped at the opportunity!

We scheduled a meeting so she could ask me a few questions about my business so Lacey could write something up for her newsletter. Since it was supposed to just be a quick meeting to answer a few questions, we opted for a virtual meeting so we didn't drive out of our way just for a five minute chat. Surprising absolutely no one, Lacey and I talked for almost an hour. We had so many things in common, from our views on motherhood to taking care of our clients, not to mention our struggles with trying to balance it all, it was so easy for us to just chat the afternoon away.

Lacey is an incredible business person. She is a realtor with immense knowledge about military family benefits and tips when it comes to purchasing a home. She truly has a service mindset in her career. Everything she does is about making the process easier for her clients and helping them feel supported through the process. If you're out of town and there's a showing, she will come over and mow the lawn or sweep your floors or whatever needs to be done to set you up for success. If you're buying a home, she will research every possible way to get you the home of your dreams within your budget, AND she'll give you the sweetest gift basket when you buy or sell your home.

When Lacey changed brokerages, she wanted some new headshots, so I went over to her house for a few quick photos. She cried when I delivered the gallery because she loved how beautiful she looked. I cried because she was so happy.

Cherry blossom trees on Canon Blvd | Family Photos with Cherry Blossoms in Newport News, VA

When the weather started to warm up and the trees began to bloom, Lacey reached out about getting photos for her whole family - they hadn't had family photos since before she was pregnant with her youngest daughter, who is now three years old! Lacey really wanted the photos to be in front of cherry blossoms, and I was so excited to meet this request, as long as I could find a location! I saw cherry blossoms everywhere I went. But they were always in random or unsafe places like highway medians or in front of a car repair shop. One day I drove all over the peninsula seeking out all the places people mentioned seeing cherry blossoms and I stumbled across a magical wonderland of flowering trees! Canon Blvd in Newport News was lined with cherry blossoms for nearly a mile and it looked straight out of a fairytale.

We found a little nook to park our cars in and the light was absolutely stunning there, so we didn't have to wander far or stand next to hundreds of cars zooming by. Then the fun began! This family was so sweet and playful together that capturing cute moments was easier than ever. From the girls blowing flower petals to Daniel tossing their youngest up in the air to all the hugs and kisses, we got so many gorgeous photos highlighting their love and the beauty of the cherry blossoms! If you're wanting some inspiration for family photos, look no further because they will give you all the fun, loving, family vibes! Enjoy!

And if you need a realtor in Hampton Roads, make sure you reach out to Lacey!

Mom, dad, teenage girl, and toddler girl smile at the camera | Family Photos with Cherry Blossoms in Newport News, VA