In a blog post from last month I hinted at a THIRD styled maternity session that my photographer friend Jess and I put together and I'm so excited to be sharing these photos with you today! When we put out the model call for the pink dress Carrie wore in the first half of her session, one of the other applicants for the model call was this gorgeous couple, Chelcie and Harley.

As part of the model call we asked every applicant to send a picture of themselves and their partner so we could get a solid idea of if they would fit the creative vision we had. Chelcie and Harley's photo submission inspired a totally different vision for both myself and Jess. Chelcie was rocking a cute headband and bold red lip in her submission photo and we were so excited about their on-camera chemistry. Jess and I had both dreamed of having a session with this pearl-covered maternity dress, and Chelcie's photo helped us put together the rest of our vision.

Jess and I texted back and forth as soon as we received Chelcie's email about the model call. Once we had a plan, I emailed her back to see if she was still interested in our new vision, and she was! I immediately ordered the dress and a matching pearl headband. Chelcie booked Noelle, owner of Blush 757, for her makeup so she could get a little pampering and help us achieve our vision. Noelle absolutely crushed the makeup look - it was so stunning that I booked her for my own photography makeup needs for next month! She's amazing!

But back to Chelcie and Harley! Natives of South Carolina, you can't miss the subtle bits of southern charm ingrained in their personalities. From the occasional drawl to Harley's perfect dance form, they just had an energy about them that made you feel like they'd welcome you into their home for a glass of sweet tea.

I've said this in every conversation I've had about the session, but these two are truly an inspiration. After 8 years of marriage, multiple military moves, and heading into life with four kids, they still have a passion for each other and for life that rivals any newlywed. At one point during the session, I forgot to tell Harley what to do with his hands. He looked at me and said "Can I hold my wife?" in a way I can only describe as loving desire.

Despite an unexpectedly strong wind and a million vicious mosquitos, we had a lovely evening taking photos at Grandview Beach. The water was the perfect temperature for getting in, and Chelcie and Harley weren't afraid to get their feet (and clothes) wet. When we mentioned the possibility of playing in the water a bit, they both got so excited about the idea and when it was finally time to dive in, they basically ran toward the ocean and started dancing, laughing, and just having fun. After their session they thanked us for the fun date night opportunity, while Jess and I thanked them for being a true source of inspiration for us both - from the session vision to their marriage and beyond!