In my most recent blog post about Kiley and Ben's maternity session I gave a little hint about how Carrie and Shawn crossed my path. There was a crazy situation where the dress we rented from Book A Look was not returned by the previous renter. To make up for this mishap that was completely out of their control, the owner of Book A Look offered to send us a second dress at no additional cost!

When photographer friend Jess told me about this exciting development, we immediately started making plans for a model call. We had a tight turnaround but I knew the military spouse pages would come through for me. I posted in our local groups and got several interested folks. It was a tough choice, but we eventually narrowed it down to Carrie and Shawn, the beautiful couple featured in this post!

Since we had two dresses, the blue one we originally planned for and this stunning magenta number in the photo on the right, we decided to surprise Carrie and Shawn by bringing both, which turned out beautifully because Carrie loved them both!

Side note: This model call inspired us to put together a THIRD creative session that will be happening at the end of June. I cannot wait to bring this vision to life and show off the session to you!

Carrie and Shawn are the cutest couple. Seriously. They've known each other since middle school and got married in 2017. Shawn is active duty in the Air Force, so that lead them a few places before they landed in Hampton this March. Meeting Carrie and Shawn was another reminder for me of how small the world is - they grew up less than an hour away from my hometown, which is about 10 minutes from where Jess's family lived when she was young! It isn't the most populous area, so the fact that so many people from the same region ended up in Hampton just blows my mind!

Anywho, something I admire about Carrie and Shawn is that they did not find out the sex of their little one - they are waiting for baby to make their appearance this fall! I originally thought I wanted to do that when I was pregnant with Jude, but Kyle convinced me otherwise, so I'm in awe of Carrie and Shawn's patience! I thought it was super fitting that the dresses we ended up with were in the typical "boy or girl" colors because it added to the mystery and Carrie and Shawn's commitment to be surprised by their little one.

We met up at Sandy Bottom Nature Park to walk around and take advantage of all the gorgeous greenery! From fields of clover to forested paths to a unique little gazebo, we had lots of beautiful places to show off this beautiful couple and celebrate their journey to parenthood!