Romantic Wedding at Gala 417

Tiffini and Zach are most assuredly the most selfless and loving couple. I had a feeling about this before we even got to their wedding day based on how they talked about their family and their relationship at our coffee date, but the feeling was solidified a dozen times throughout their heartfelt and romantic wedding at Gala 417. The moment I walked into the getting ready room, Tiffini was in tears - good tears! Her bridesmaids had each written her a thoughtful letter that were all placed in a book for Tiffini to read as she was getting ready for her big day. The kind words, true friendship, and deep love for their bride said so much about Tiffini and the people she chose to be close to her on her wedding day.

The tears did not stop there! Tiffini's wedding prep was filled with heartfelt moments from practicing her vows to doing a first look with her dad to revealing during their first dance that they are expecting a baby girl later this year (make sure you scroll down to see how they told their guests!). Lindsay, one of the "Gala Girls" - aka Gala's amazing team of event coordinators - and I had to keep tissues nearby all day for all the beautiful moments of emotion and connection.

Tiffini + Zach said "I do" at Gala 417 in virginia Beach

Zach's morning was full of anticipation and joy. Every time I saw him he had the biggest smile on his face and he was constantly checking his watch to make sure things were running on time. I was mostly with Tiffini, but in the brief moments I spent with Zach and his groomsmen, it was clear that Zach couldn't wait for that 4:00 ceremony and being able to see his beautiful bride for the first time.

Gala 417 is known for a lot of things, but the top one has to be their signature "swoop" - brides get a grand entrance to their ceremony when the Gala team dramatically pulls back the white curtains, revealing the bride and creating an extra magical moment for the moment the groom sees his bride. When I met Tiffini and Zach for our coffee date last summer, Tiffini instructed me to do whatever possible to capture that grand entrance on camera, so I did my absolute best to deliver! Myself and their videographer, Alejandro (Your Moment Media), stood in the aisle and as soon as we got what we needed, we bolted through the wide rows as quickly as possible.

Tiffini + Zach Danced the night away at gala 417

After a short and sweet ceremony officiated by a close friend, Tiffini and Zach took some time for photos and then went right to cocktail hour to enjoy all the amazing food created by the culinary team at Gala 417. Their bridal party entered the reception in true party-time fashion: drinks in everyone's hands and enormous cheers of celebration for the happy couple. The reception kept the emotions rolling as Tiffini and Zach showed a precious pink onesie to their guests during their first dance and again as they had a special dance with their boys. They wrapped up their celebration with a private last dance while everyone lined up outside for their grand exit!

Congratulations to the burkes!

Congratulations on your beautiful wedding at Gala 417, Mr. and Mrs. Burke! Thank you for trusting me to capture your special day. It was truly an honor!

Creative Team