Dreamy Backyard Wedding in Newport News, VA

You might remember Jessie and Phil from this blog post in September with their engagement photos at Backyard Wildflower Patch! As excited as I was to share their engagement photos, I’m at least twice as excited to share their wedding photos with you today. I knew when I met Jessie and Phil that their wedding day would be special, but I didn’t know how absolutely magical it would be!!! Their dreamy backyard wedding in Newport News featured water views, blankets and pillows on the grass rather than chairs, and so many family and friends ready to celebrate their love.

Jessie and Phil Said "I Do" at the Home of a Close Friend

Every detail of Jessie and Phil’s backyard waterside wedding was beautifully planned and coordinated thanks to a team of amazing vendors and their dear friend, Reese, who hosted the event at her home and served as their wedding planner. Moonfly Events and Virginia Floral Design created jaw-dropping tablescapes and a cozy-casual ceremony space in Reese’s backyard. Their officiant, Erin (another close friend and fellow yoga instructor), told the story of Jessie and Phil’s love and helped them incorporate their unique personalities with opportunities for laughter, high fives, and rock-paper-scissors. 

Wedding Day in Portrait Mode

One of the ways Jessie and Phil describe their relationship is “portrait mode” - that camera setting on your phone where everything around you is blurred out and the focus is on you. For them, after they met, they were in portrait mode. Everything around them was blurred out and their focus was on each other. This energy carried through every moment of their wedding day from their First Touch to Phil seeing Jessie walk down the aisle, to the way they looked at each other throughout the evening.

Congratulations to the Giardinas!

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Giardina, on your beautiful, magical, deeply moving wedding celebration and best wishes for a marriage filled with portrait-mode moments!

Creative Team