It's that time of year again! Stores are bustling, online retailers are hustling, and your house is near to bursting with all the gifts you've purchased for the holiday season! But what if it wasn't like that? What if you wanted a unique gift for your fiancée or partner that wasn't going to take up space in the house? What if you found a one-of-a-kind experience they would really enjoy and gifted that to your special someone this holiday season? Fear not! I'm here to tell you that you can do exactly that. I've round up my top three unique experience gifts you can give to your partner that are all local to Hampton Roads and support small businesses!

Unique Experience Gift #1: A Makeup Lesson with Blush757

I'll be going into incredible detail with this one in an upcoming blog post as I share my own experience with a Makeup Lesson from Blush757, but for now, here's a brief overview of this one-of-a-kind experience gift!

Noelle, the owner and lead artist at Blush757 is passionate about helping women build confidence and see how beautiful they are inside and out - and she happens to know how to accentuate all that external beauty! A true artist, Noelle uses color theory, negative space, and a whole host of visual principles to build picture-perfect looks, and now she's sharing her knowledge by offering private makeup lessons in the 757 area!

Simply reach out to Noelle on her website or Instagram and let her know you're interested in booking a private makeup lesson as a special gift for your partner. Noelle will cover everything from prepping your skin and application techniques to color theory and personalized product recommendations. Lessons typically last 2 hours so there is plenty of time for practicing and asking questions!

Unique Experience Gift #2: Online Yoga Classes with Yin Traveler or Aerial Yoga Classes at Full Circle Yoga

If you're on my website, chances are your partner is either stressed from just having planned a wedding or stress because they are in the thick of wedding planning. Either way, they could probably use some time to relax and meditate and reconnect with their mind and body. Gifting your partner passes to online or in-person yoga is so helpful and sweet because it shows that you want to provide them with the time and space to unwind and take care of themselves.

When I trained to be a yoga instructor, I was fortunate to be taught by an incredible yogi, Christine, the brilliant mind behind Yin Traveler. Christine offers a variety of online and in-person yoga classes, meditations, and Ayurvedic wellness coaching. Additionally, one of my yogi classmates, Heather, is deeply passionate about and skilled in aerial yoga. She'll be teaching aerial classes four nights a week at Full Circle Yoga + Pilates in Williamsburg starting this January! Both Yin Traveler and Full Circle offer a variety of packages that are perfect experience gifts for your partner this holiday season.

Unique Experience Gift Idea #3: A Boudoir Session with Me

Last on my list of experience gifts for your partner this holiday season is a boudoir session with me! I am jumping into the world of boudoir and I simply cannot wait to offer this service to my clients. For those who don't know, boudoir photography is a style of photography that captures intimate, sensual, and romantic images of individuals. The focus is on creating tasteful, elegant, and often suggestive images rather than explicit or graphic content. The goal is to celebrate your partner's beauty, confidence, and individuality.

Boudoir is an incredibly empowering experience for women in particular, as societal beauty standards make it so easy for us to be hard on ourselves and hate our bodies. My goal in offering boudoir sessions is to provide you with a comfortable and supportive environment where you can be yourself, have fun, and celebrate your beautiful self!

As of the publishing of this post, I have 2 mini boudoir spots left in January and full boudoir sessions can be booked by reaching out to me via the contact form on my website!

Experience Gifts from Small Businesses in Hampton Roads, Virginia

That's a wrap! My favorite unique experience gifts for your fiancee or wife or partner that support small businesses in Hampton Roads, Virginia. I can't wait to see which one (or ones!) you gift to your partner this holiday season. Whatever you choose, I know they'll love it!