Bailey was one of my very first clients when I launched my business last year. I did some fall minis and she and her grandmother, affectionately called Mimi, wanted to have some photos together. I was so nervous for that session. It was my first paid session that wasn't for an event like a promotion or a homecoming and I had all the anxious-excited energy.

I must've done something right because as Bailey approached her college graduation, she reached out to me about doing some graduation photos for her! Bailey's college experience was interrupted by COVID and the joys of being a military spouse made it a little more complex. She had to figure out how to learn online while also trying to earn an income and maintain her marriage. College is challenging when it is the only thing you have to focus on, and I can only imagine how difficult it was for Bailey to stay focused and juggle all of her competing priorities.

Bailey wanted to do a session focused on her and one focused on her family. So we worked out a special deal to make this happen. We met in April to do her solo photos, getting lots of creative shots to show off her regalia, including her hilariously decorated graduation cap pictured in the banner image at the top of the post!

Girl in cap and gown walks down marble steps | Graduation Photos in Downtown Hampton, VA

The day after her graduation, we met again to do a family session! Since her family had come to town to celebrate with her, she wanted to make sure they were included in the photos from her accomplishment! Bailey was so grateful to her family for their support and encouragement throughout her college experience, and in return they were so proud of her for getting her degree and pursuing a career that she loves.

Take a peek below to see how much fun we had in downtown Hampton getting creative with these photos!