A Back Injury Won't Stop These Two

I love a good sunrise session on an East-facing beach! The softness of the sky as the sun begins to peak over the edge of the ocean is just magical in a way that I cannot possibly explain. I was so excited to finally meet Moriah and Chris for their sunrise engagement session at Fort Story that I barely slept the night before! Moriah was bringing a bunch of fun props that show off their interests and personality as a couple and I knew it was going to be incredibly fun!

I was a little less sure of that when Moriah and Chris arrived and told me that Moriah had a back injury!!! I was instantly going through every pose in my mind to make sure I wouldn't break her or make things worse. Moriah shared her limits and comfort level with me and I did my best to help her out while Chris carried the box of whiskey bottles and save-the-date coffee mugs. I'm pretty sure she was a huge champ and didn't tell me how much pain she was actually in the whole time, but she really powered through and they absolutely crushed their session despite mobility limitations and the cold!

A Suddenly Chilly Day

Last October in Hampton Roads was soooooo warm all the way into November. I distinctly remember a session from last November where the leaves were still bright green and my clients were sweating in their long sleeve shirts because it had been such a warm Fall. So when it was 52 degrees out when I got in my car the day of Chris and Moriah's engagement session, I was caught off-guard.

Luckily Chris and Moriah were prepared with warm coats and hot coffee (although Moriah's injury meant easy on-and-off shoes, so her feet were frozen in her flip flops...). The chill and the injury and the fact that they had jobs to get to meant that our session had to be cut a little short, but that didn't stop us from getting so many incredible photos of these two beauties!

Check out all the adorable photos below to see the coolest save-the-date mugs, a gorgeous sunrise at Fort Story, and my new favorite place at First Landing State Park!